Dear Readers:

Although I have done my very best to avoid mistakes in writing and updating Photoshop Restoration and Retouching the gremlins of late nights, deadlines, and distractions have caused the following errors to appear in the first printing of the third edition.

Thank you to all the attentive readers that have kindly pointed out these errors. I appreciate this very much. In case you find additional mistakes please let me know and I will post them here and correct them in future printings.

Corrections appear in red italics.

Chapter 2

Page 56: Figure 2.46
Corrected Curves and Info Palette

Page 56: Figure 2.47
Accurate Curves dialogue

Chapter 3

Page 77: Figure 3.15

Chapter 4
  • Page 113: The paragraph underneath the ch4_vacation.jpg title needs to say...but almost everyone reading this text has some sense of what they should be
  • Page 126: Point 3. 'As you can see in figure 4.62' be ' needs to be As you can see in figure 4.68'
  • Page 135: The before and after ch4_honeymoon.jpg files are both labeled figure 4.93.

Chapter 5
  • Page 168: Step # 5: Leave the resolution box empty and use the Crop tool by clicking, in the upper left hand corner, pressing the mouse and dragging down to the lower right hand area to set the desired crop. Click the Hide button....

Chapter 6

  • Page 207: Step 16/line 4: delete ‘Group with Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask' and replace with Use Previous Layer to Create Clipping Mask
  • Chapter 7
  • Page 237 figure 7.4 corrected palette.
  • Page 239 Step # 12 To tone the image. Teresa selected Image > Mode > RGB and checked ‘Don’t Flatten’. She added a Curves adjustment layer....
  • Page 270 figure 7.100 and 7.101 corrected palettes.