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  • Reader comments and emails regarding the third edition:

Ms. Eismann,

I just have to say WOW. Your books have blown me away. I've gotten into a bit of photo retouching here and there. I just turned down a really big job because I didn't think I could handle it, if I had bought your book by the time that job was lined up, I think it would have been a different story. Your books have shown me things that I didn't think were possible with Photoshop or things that I never thought I could do. I'm slowly building my Photoshop library up and I think it's safe to say that your books will be on the top of the shelf.

Just wanted to say thanks, for helping a non-creative guy, think outside the box!

-Hardy T

Dear Katrin,

I just received my copy of the Third Edition Restoration and Retouching from Amazon. I have devoured your first two editions. I have been bouncing back and forth reading sections, especially the portrait and glamour chapters. Thank you and congratulations on a very good and important book in restoration and retouching. It appears to be an entirely new book and not just a re-hash of previous editions. That is nice. I personally appreciate your efforts as will many others.
Thank you, and thanks to your many contributors for sharing their art and expertise. human hair extensions

Ken F.
St. Paul, MN


Congratulations on the publication of your 3rd edition. I am going through it cover to cover, along with applying the lessons to images of my own. You have produced a superb work of explanations, examples of techniques, writing and images!

Richard B.

Hi Katrin!

I have read your book now and I think it is a great book of retouching. It is really nice to see information that is really going to work in everyday portraiture and restoration and the techniques are high quality. I have always been inspired by the way you see Photoshop.



I just purchased your new 3rd edition of Restoration and Retouching to go with the 1st and 2nd editions on my bookshelf. It appears to be a nearly complete re-write so should keep my interest in working through it yet again.

Best of luck on the latest edition. You've been a big help in my Photoshop work.

Mike D.

Reader comments and emails regarding the second edition:

Dear Katrin,

I have Elements 3, and recently purchased the second edition of your book as I had read reviews which suggested that this book would help me to bring back to life some very old, very faded (one almost invisible!) and very special family photos. To date, I have restored three photographs, and I am amazed with my efforts...they look wonderful! One photograph, taken in 1914, was so faded as to make it impossible to identify people (though I knew that one person had to be my grandmother). By the time I finished working, it was a pretty decent black and white, and I realised my great-grandparents were in the photo as well.
There is so much information in your book, and I am looking forward to being able to apply techniques to other photographs I have that are less than stellar. One of the most important things I am learning from this book is the value of the work flow ethic, as opposed to a quick and dirty get-the-job-done, and I really appreciate this. I do own books that have clever tricks that one can accomplish with Elements, and these are fun toys, but your book brings a level of professionalism that puts Elements on a more serious and therefore valuable level, so that there is much more to Elements than merely having fun.
Finally, I really like the statement: "In the future, Katrin would like to take photographs that do not require any color correction, retouching, cropping, dodging and burning, or enhancement of any kind."  My sentiments precisely, but until then, I do have your book!
Thanks again,
Shirley H


I've been reading the second editon of your book and am thrilled with all the hand coloring information. I feel like you wrote it just for me. But I'll bet everyone who reads the book feels you wrote it just for them. It has such a personal, one-to-one feeling.
What's especially enjoyable about this edition is the care with which you are teaching how to use Photoshop as well as how to approach retouch/restoring. I think this is really important. You never know what level anyone is at, or what gaps they have in their Photoshop knowledge. You are making sure everyone knows what they need to know about the program in order to even start to retouch. You clearly understand so well how difficult it is for students to get to the sophisticated techniques when still stumbling over some very basic lessons.
I think this book is spectacular in every respect. I have already learned so much and reviewed so many things I need to go over. The information on workflow, layers, context-sensitive menus, (and particularly flattening and discarding layers - something I never really understood!) is incredibly valuable. I can see how you can either read in a linear way or jump around, it doesn't matter. There is so much here no matter how the reader wants to learn it. So, thank you! And tell your parents one of your students says to tell them Katrin is the Best!!!!


Hi Katrin,

Oh my, what a great book the second addition of your retouching is, it was worth the wait. I ordered it in June and thought the end of July is too long to wait but I had to. It is like a "Photoshop Bible" to me. I have told so many other photographers or office workers about it, I feel like I am on your sales staff. I have both books, this one of course is better but each book will be better. You have helped me so much, keep up the great work.

Keep writing and writing and writing!

Linda G

Dear Katrin,

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for the two Photoshop Restoration & Retouching books you have written. I am almost finished with all the new exercies in the 2nd edition, and view this book as my most valuable reference for restoration & retouching. When facing a new restoration or retouching challenge, I know there is help close by in the book. While there is some overlap in the two editions, the 2nd edition is well worth it to me, because of additional techniques (I've already put healing with a pattern to use), and new restorations Your inspiration and know-how lead me to start-up my own part-time Restoration business last month.

Alan C.

Hello, Katrin,

I am a Photoshop teacher who has long been a quiet fan of yours. I have enjoyed both of your books as well as your video tapes. I especially appreciate the beginning of the appearance of women on the book/instruction circuit, and that your work is clearly of your own creation - not derivative from the many other Photoshop books in circulation.

I also appreciate your teaching style. You are very very clear, you do not condescend, and you do not bombard your students with tedious jokes while at the same time being personable. I think I have learned a lot about teaching from you. Thank you.

Vielen Herzlichen Dank,
Elisabet R

Hi, Katrin,

Just had to drop you a note to tell you how much I love your restoration and retouching book. I bought it to guide me through a project I've embarked on -- scanning thousands of family negs and slides using a film scanner -- and it's been a superb resource.

It's intelligently organized, clear and enlightening, and seasoned with just the right amount of artistic philosophy and sensitivity. I'm recommending it in my January 2004 "Digital Hub" column in Macworld, and I'm telling everyone I meet about it, too.

Maryellen (my wife) is starting to think that the book is part of my arm -- I'm carrying it around everywhere. Congrats and thank you.

All the best,
Jim Heid
Contributing Editor, Macworld
Author/Host, "The Macintosh iLife" book
DVD Improve your iLife at

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Traditionally Digital

Hello Katrin,

I just got my new copy of your latest book. As I've told you before, your book is my absolute, number-one, recommendation to anyone interested in bettering their Photoshop skills. I'm looking forward to reading it and adding some great new techniques to my arsenal! Thanks again.

Warm regards,
Mac Holbert


Congratulations for this fine book. I am a lifetime photographer [even supported myself via photography for a brief time in my life]. I finally migrated to digital when Canon produced its full frame 1Ds. I can tell that bringing RAW files into Photoshop from this camera is akin to having a negative to play with in the darkroom! I use the terms "I can tell" because, while I know a good deal about film cameras, my knowledge of Photoshop is weak to say the least.

To get up to speed, I have purchased a number of books that are on the market, including yours. I have read your book cover to cover. I like it the best of what I have read because your workflow approach just makes a lot of sense and follows the way I have thought about film processing for years.

Thank you for your time; I will be looking for your future publications.

Mike H

I received my copy of your new book and have been reviewing the material. Once again you have done a wonderful job in capturing the essence of our trade. It is always amazing that no matter how much you think you know there is always another and often better more efficient way of doing things. I am only in the first chapters of the book but have already obtained knowledge that helps me in everyday work. Thanks.

Ricky C

When I inherited a large number of old photos, I began a project to scan and restore them so that I could share them with family. Your book was enormously helpful. I have worked my way through several Photoshop how to books and yours is particularly clear and concise. Your prose show the clarity of your science background addressed to the intuitive area of imagery. I see this left/right brain integration in your own images as well.

Thank you again,
Melody L.


I purchased your book to assist me in my digital photography studio. As a former teacher, please accept my compliments for your teaching skills. I am so excited about your book that I bought a second copy for my daughter in California who is a graphic designer major in college.

Robert P

Hello Katrin,

I just picked up the second edition of your book. I can't believe how much I was missing out with adjustment layers and masking! It's a wonderful update and I refer to it constantly. I'm really inspired to make digital retouching more a part of my professional life. Thanks so much for the great techniques!

Matt M-C

I just received your book and have started to do the tutorials in chapter and I have to tell you how much I am enjoying your book and how in only just a few pages how you have helped me out with tone and contrast adjustments.

This may be the first PS book I go thru completely.

Thank you
Martin S

Hello Katrin,

You asked for comments and I have nothing but praise for your books. I've used the first edition for two years now and look forward to developing my restoration skills and business much further with the second edition. The first edition is getting pretty dog eared and this new edition will be no different.

Dave K

Hi Stephanie (my publisher),

A word about the Second Edition of Katrin's book. I think this book is fantastic for so many reasons! Much as I enjoyed the First Edition, I struggled because I definitely did not know enough Photoshop to understand some of the references. In the new book there are perfect little reminders everywhere that make me feel like Katrin is holding my hand just when I need her and reminding me about all kinds of things I might easily forget - or not even know about (like using the All Layers box on the options bar when I want to clone though all of the visible layers).

On every page you can see how Katrin really understands what her readers need to know. She has obviously given a great deal of attention to every e-mail ever sent to her! So many important topics are covered throughout the book in a crystal clear, thoughtful manner. The abundance of relevant information about Photoshop 7, traditional photography, color, production and digital imaging makes it possible to really understand the sophisticated techniques she is teaching. All in all a very valuable, one of a kind book. Congratulations!

Best regards,
Mara Kurtz
Professor, Parsons School of Design New York

Bravo on your book. I recently started learning Photoshop and of course, picked up a few books. Unlike the other books, and there are many,iInstead of referring back and forth to chapers for instructions, your writing is excellent. thank you, just thought you'd like to know.


Hi Katrin,

Just to let you know how wonderful your new book is. I thought I knew it all after reading your first book and taking your retouching course. There is so much new stuff here and I can see you have worked hard to include as many new pictures and examples as possible.

Unlike Photoshop 7 "updates" of many other books, this one is definitely worth every penny.

Thanks again for bringing out another fantastic book.

Pradeep B

Hi Katrin,

I've just finished your second edition just weeks after buying the first one. Your instructive manner is exceptional and has finally brought me to a place from where I want to begin. I have been taking candid portraits for years and after struggling through Photoshop, mostly learning about techniques that really are meant for advertisers and designers, I came upon your first book and suddenly, everything changed. I am now printing with an Epson 2200, and my first print using some of your techniques really pleases me. Learning to enhance the portraits brings out the artistic skills that have been hidden behind the frustrating heaps of technology. I am loving this!

Thanks so much for writing these two invaluable books.
Linda R
Toronto, Canada

Katrin -- Just today got your second edition from Amazon. And the channel mixer luminosity tip on pp 83 made it all worthwhile! I know I'll find more gems (and I have already) but I just wanted to give you some positive reinforcement and a job well done. Jim S


Reader comments and emails regarding the first edition:


Dear Katrin,

I've learned so much from your book "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching" and am excited to contact you. I've attached a before & after photo of my great-great-grandmother which I completed using techniques found in your book. Thanks for all of the effort that went in to your book.

I, for one, really appreciate it!
Jeff A
Tampa, FL


I would like to thank you for the fine book and companion website you created for Photoshop Restoration and Retouching.
I have been working with digital images for only a short time. Your book has made PS accessible for me in a way that I believe is unique among the texts I have seen. Few of the works, surprisingly to me, seem to be written for the photographer. They seem to focus on the manipulation of photographic images by the graphic professional.
That of course is valuable information, but did not help a photographer who can't draw a straight line!

Thanks again,

Jim B


First I would like to say thank you for being my "instructor and mentor" in photographic retouching and restoration. It has been my goal to become proficient at this skill so that I may perform it as an occupation. I have gained more information and learned from you greater than any other means. Your book and tapes are invaluable to me. I have downloaded all the images from the Restoration and Retouching book and have applied the techniques demonstrated in your book. I have watched (and still watch over and over) your videos. They are wonderful. It is my hope to be able to be as good as you are in photo restoration some day.

Again, thank you, Katrin, for your exemplary training videos and book. Your work is outstanding.


Dear Katrin,

I have been meaning to write to you for a few weeks. Thank you for
writing your fabulous book: "Photoshop Restoration & Retouching."
The book is so good that my words will not be able to properly
express my gratitude to you. Your book is inspiring. You have
provided me with so much important and useful information --and
your style of writing makes the learning enjoyable.

I am a member of the National Association of Photoshop
Professionals. I work as a graphic designer and musician. I try an
pick up all relevant information I can involving Photoshop. Though
I've used the program for years I feel like I am a long way from
being an expert. Your book will certainly help me to further my
career and understanding.

Recently, I have purchased David Blatner's: Real World Photoshop
6, Deke McClelland's: The Photoshop 6 Bible, and Scott Kelby's
Photo Retouching Secrets. Your book however, is the one I can't
put down! I even bring it to work with me.

Paul U.



Hi Katrin,

I recently purchased your book and have worked my way from front to back and though I can't claim to have absorbed the whole content, I felt I must write and congratulate you on a superb book. I was totally mesmerized with lessons and found it hard to leave alone. Anyway Katrin, many thanks and by the way, I know this is a new book but in due course a follow up book really is a must.

A UK. Photoshopper



Hi Katrin,

I couldn't wait to get your book after reading all the great reviews on
various websites. I have to say I got it 3 days ago and have eagerly been working through it. I'm not even finished with it and I already consider it my PHOTO RESTORATION BIBLE. I have been doing photo restoration for a couple years now and sponging up any information I can find on the subject.

However, there are a lot of books and tutorials on Photoshop techniques out there but not that many dealing specifically with photo restoration and retouching. I like the way you structured your book by building on techniques as you go through the chapters. I consider myself an intermediate user of Photoshop but found your book easy enough for a beginner to follow yet vastly informative.

Excellent work and I do look forward to future books. Thanks for finally giving us photo restorers a GREAT reference book.



Dear Katrin,

I've read many good things about your book on the Photoshop
list, and I ordered it sight unseen. This is just a quick
note to tell you I am absolutely thrilled with it! I'm also
very happy that you included images from the book allowing
me (and your readers) to practice some of the techniques. I
am highly recommending your book to all my Photoshop-using
friends. Fantastic job! I hope one day I'm lucky enough to
be at a conference you teach at. I'll bring along my book
for your signature! :)

Best regards,
Gloria H




Thank you for your book 'Photoshop Restoration and Retouching' it
has created such great paths of self development for me, more than any other book I have ever read on Photoshop and believe me there has been a few. Since version 3 of Photoshop I have spent just over £200 on reference and tutorial books for Photoshop. All of which have been good books and worthwhile purchases. Being self taught I had always prided myself in the knowledge I had gained through these books and although I would never profess to being an advanced user, have always considered myself as competent.

All of the books I bought touched on restoration (which I had always been interested in) but were so matter of fact that I found them hard to learn from. The moment I spied your book that so clearly shouted to the world exactly what it was, I knew I had to have it. For so long I had been looking for a book that offered tutorials as a way of advancing my understanding. So far I have used the excellent 'Computer Arts' magazine that you may or may not have heard of, which is great except for the fact that it cant go into the kind of detail you offer. And so beautifully laid out and in a language that is neither condescending or patronizing I find it hard to put down and when I do I want to talk to others about it.

Your website 'tie-in' with the book is a great idea also and really
inspires you to have a go instead of only admiring your talents, and gives you a sense of community around your book.

Again many thanks for a fantastic book. Maybe I'll pluck up enough courage to send you some samples of my restorations to see what you think sometime.
Stuart A



Hi Katrin....

I have just finished reading your book Photoshop Restoration &
Retouching.... and I just want to tell you how I love it. I've been
in Pre-press for ten years now and it's hard to find new books that
really inspire/teach me new tricks, but your book did!!! I really
appreciate all the tips you teach us for retouching using the various
blend mode in PS. Those have always been a features I did not quit
understand all the power, but you demonstrate it clearly. It's also
great you have set a web site for the book where we can download the
images so we can practice with the same file you have use in your
book. I will surely reread you book a few times before I get use to
all the techniques we can find in it...




Hello Katrin,

My job is at a nonprofit adoption and foster care agency, and one of the things I have been doing is scanning photos of kids in the foster care system to help them find permanent families. The photos that come to us from the various social service agencies can be pretty bad, and often are just color copies. Retouching the photos can truly make the difference between having a family and not, simply because you have to get people's attention first, and quickly, which a good photo can do.

I also take photos that come from the birth family and scan them, including writing on the back, and print them, and archive them on CD's in the child's record. Many of these kids are toddlers or older, and need some continuity between foster families and their place and people of origin...and some of these photos have been torn, cut up, spilled on, certainly not ever kept in a flat, sunless place, so having these photos preserved and looking nice is VERY important for these children. It's a way to remember that there actually were some happy times, and sometimes, what siblings look like if they were placed in different foster homes...but the gist is that these photos help provide a lifeline, and retouching them well is invisible but very important.

Having the photos in the record, so we can print them if they get destroyed, or if the child doesn't want them until they're 30 and their kids are asking to see childhood photos...any of a thousand different scenarios that photos can help with, is just a wonderful service. And I get to do it better because of books like yours.

Your book is greatly appreciated!
Kris H,
Tech Support & Graphic Designer




I recently had the pleasure of buying your book 'Photoshop Restoration and Retouching'.

I teach computer art at college and have had a freelance desktop publishing/design business since the mid-eighties. Needless to say, I read a lot of books on the subject of digital manipulation and I feel moved to write my first email to you.

I think your book is excellent. The layout of information is extremely easy to follow. The information can be read in small increments or ingested whole for one project at a time.

Eileen L



Thank you for producing this wonderful book. While there are many books for Photoshop, they either seem to cover a wide range of topics or emphasize the fancy filter effects/fancy text style of work. I have long hoped to find one that dealt mainly with this side of image/photo work and now here it is. And to be able to get the images used in the book to work on as well, what a bonus!

I have only just started with the book but already I can see it was
money well spent and I would gladly recommend it to anyone interested in this type of image enhancement.

Thanks for writing a great book. There's not a single thing I would change or could improve on.

I am looking forward to your next one.
Tim V, M.D.




I'm on my third reading of R & R—yeah I bought it, they got tired of
me hanging around BN :-)

Very nice work! As a one year newbie to digital photography and
Photoshop, *your* book has accelerated my learning curve
exponentially—and yes, I have a whole shelf of PS books. I am
rapidly achieving those software skills that allow me to concentrate
on the image. Based on my Photoshop knowledge and
my images, I have recently been asked to present introductory
Photoshop Retouch programs by two camera clubs in the region.

Technical competence aside, the thing about your book is it's
readability, sitting with you, having a chat. It is difficult to
present technical information within casual conversation.
can actually use the Appendix! I had no headaches reading this book.

See you on the list mail...jf



Hi Katrin,

I read more of your book while traveling up I 77 from North Carolina to
Akron, Ohio, coming back from my honeymoon. I do have to say that your book has made the most sense of all Photoshop books. It touches on everything I need to know to work with photos. I want to thank you for putting out the book and I know that it will come in very handy.
Thank you very much,

PS: I am glad I came across a professional like yourself because you have helped me a great deal just in this one email. Thank you very much. You are awesome.



Just received your book yesterday. All I can say is "TERRIFIC, TERRIFIC, TERRIFIC!!!!"

I have never seen a book or tapes with so much information. Easy to read and understand. The before and after images are great! And I especially love the use of gold color lettering on the "figure" plates and in the text. This way I can find the related info without having to reread or scan the text.

Brilliant!! I look forward to downloading the images and practicing.

Thanks for a great tool.
Robert W.



I received a notice from Amazon that it was finally available, so I ordered it and requested overnight delivery. It arrived yesterday. I STAYED UP ALL NIGHT READING IT AND GOING THROUGH SELECTED TUTORIALS....OUTSTANDING !!!

I teach photography and digital imaging at a college in California. I have been employing a number of different books from Deke, Scott Kelby, Adobe and you as texts and supplemental material in my Photoshop classes for a number of years. And, at the annual Thunder Lizard get-togethers, I have benefited greatly from your participation in the seminars and presentations. Additionally, you have been very generous in sharing your time with me in questions and personal discussions. I am most appreciative. And Now...the BOOK..

Without a doubt, it is the best I have ever seen for the manner in which it is designed, the instructional methodology utilized, the usefulness of the content and the concise approach to practical applications of Photoshop. I am thrilled. It will be a required text for my classes in the upcoming academic year.

Thanks and congratulations,
Maxwell C.


I'm THRILLED with your book. As a budding photo retoucher and Photoshop novice, I've learned more in the past couple days than I have in weeks from other sources. (And I'm only on chapter 2!) So glad I discovered your newest book.

Danny R



I just had to write to thank you for your most informative and delightful book! I wanted to say that you have written a book that is very easy to understand. Quite a task it seems for some people. I only wish I were able to attend one of your classes or seminars. My head would probably hurt from all the knowledge handed out!

Best regards from a delighted photo addict,

Sherry C


In the fall I will be teaching a class specifically for photographers, along with my two other Intro classes. I have put in my request for your book to be the textbook for my Advanced Digital Imaging for Photographers class. Your book covered so much of what my students need to learn, plus you provide most of the images to go along with your tutorials. While the object is for the students is to apply these techniques to their own images, it is absolutely necessary that during the learning process that they have something to compare their work to. If they can make their "after" image look like yours, it is a confirmation that they have done it right! We have used texts in the past that do not provide images and have found the result to be frustrating for the student as well as the instructor. So, I am thrilled that your book is not only beautiful to look at, but that it provides excellent example images.

Your printers did a fine job! I'm also thrilled with the range of situations you do cover and the methods for correction. I think the course will be a smash! Thanks for producing a gem of a book...just in time for me not to have a headache about not being able to find one on the market that I felt was appropriate for the class!

Shan C



After much anticipation, I picked up my hot-off-the-press copy of Photoshop R&R from Barnes and Noble in Newport News, VA. this week. I'm just an amateur trying to acquire some photo touchup skills, and I look forward to illustrated self-help books.

What a great book! I really enjoy the download scheme for try-it-yourself lessons. Thanks so much for a job WELL DONE!!




Just received your book. It's fabulous! This is one of the best books I've ever seen on this subject. It's so thorough and well written.

I will recommend it highly to everyone!




I do not normally write to authors, but in this case I really want to express my appreciation for a job well done.

I just read the first three chapters Photoshop Restoration & Retouching. WOW! It is the most well written Photoshop book I have read. Believe me, I have them all. I learned more from the first two chapters then I have from any other book on my shelf.

I have been working with Photoshop for about three years and can honestly say it is a constant learning experience. Your book has unlocked a few of the mysteries that no other book or video has been able to do.

Thanks again for a great book!




Hi Katrin,
I recently bought your book and have devoured it like my best friend devours a juicy novel. It's rare that a Photoshop manual is a "can't put it down," but this one is.

The content is right up my alley. I've been longing particularly for more in-depth information on retouching portraits. I've scoured my Photoshop library for tidbits, but nobody has written so thoroughly before. Thank you!

In addition to the content being so helpful, your writing style is very refreshing. As you are well aware, many Photoshop books are either written poorly or punctuated absurdly or they require you to schlog through so many tee-hees, silly jokes and irrelevant stories that you can't remember what the topic was. You're so easy to read! I'm a professional writer, so you can take that as very high praise. Your style is personable and warm, the examples are crystal clear, the step-by-steps are very carefully written, and the whole thing flows quite smoothly. I believe it's a writer's very hard job to make the reader's work easy. Too few writers seem to agree with me, but you obviously do.

Best wishes,
Becca E



Have really been enjoying your Photoshop Restoration book which I received a few days ago. Have been a self-taught digital photographer and image manipulator with several programs for the past three or four years.

The attached photo with the distracting background was posted on a discussion list for Havanese dogs. I thought it would be better if the distractions were eliminated. While the job is less than perfect, the dog's owner was thrilled with it and placed it on her webpage as the top photo! (

I am retired and only do this as a hobby, but I derive immense pleasure from the "oohs" and "ahs" of appreciation for my efforts.

Thank YOU for providing this excellent guide to help me move on to higher levels!
Isabel C



Katrin, just a short note to tell you how much I like and respect your book. I believe it is the single most useful book on Photoshop I have in my library. As a photographer, it is certainly the book I look to most often for useful advice.

Once again, great book, thank you.
Bruce B

I love your book I have waited for 5 years to buy a book on retouching, I'm a photographer and your book is the bomb. I've been studying photoshop for 3 years and your book took me to another level never understood color correction like I do know .